26 Days Wholesome Organic Set Meals

Set meal including organic brown rice, 2 side organic dishes, 1 salad or dessert, a complimentary of daily wellness soup.

Juve Wellness Centre 著味有机蔬食坊

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Juve Wellness Center Puchong is the first Organic Vegetarian Café who provided delivery services in Puchong and now extend to mostly Klang Valley area. All the dishes are well designed by our team of nutritionist.

All the dishes are well designed by team of nutritionist and prepared with the freshest ingredients using only organic grapeseed oil and rice bran oil as a medium of cooking and no MSG is used in our food. We practice low carbo, less salt , non sugar added and we are following the healthy eating principles incorporating ingredients from mixed grains, different varieties of vegetables ( leaves, stems, roots, rhizomes, tubers, legumes), nuts and seeds, sea vegetables, beans, sprouts, herbs, spices and etc.

我们在2009年开业,并由公司一群营养食疗师不断改变和研发我们的菜单。所有菜肴均采用最新鲜的食材烹制而成,仅使用有机葡萄籽油和米糠油作为烹饪媒介。我们的食物中不使用味精,食物配搭采用低碳水化合物如有机胚芽糙米,少盐,少糖,丰富的植物蛋白质,及5色营养的调理。 我们遵循健康饮食原则包括每一餐混合谷物,不同品种的蔬菜(叶,茎,根,根茎,块茎,豆类),坚果和种子,海洋蔬菜,豆类,豆芽,草药,香料等成分。让每一位订购养生餐的客户们能吃到均衡的营养。

*26 days set meal valid for 3 months

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